The Town of Pelham

Chapter 91 - Solid Waste

[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]


Solid waste landfills in Water Supply Protection District

-- See Ch. 125, § 125-8.


Removal and Dumping

[Adopted 1949 ATM, Art. 18; amended in

its entirety 10-28-1987 STM, Art. 1]

§ 91-1. Dumping prohibited.

It is unlawful to dump rubbish and garbage within the confines of the Town of Pelham.

§ 91-2. Hiring of licensed waste removal company; composting.

Further, as of January 1, 1988, all households in the Town of Pelham shall be required to engage the services of a licensed solid waste removal company for the purposes of removing and dumping household waste material. It shall in no event be a violation of this section to maintain household compost.



[Adopted 10-28-1987 STM, Art. 2]

§ 91-3. Categories.

In order to implement a program of recycling in conjunction with ordinary waste collection, residents of every household shall separate waste materials into the following categories before depositing same for collection:

A. Glass and cans.

B. Newsprint.

C. Other waste.

§ 91-4. Removal of unseparated waste; fine.

If no separation takes place, trash will not be picked up and the household must remove the material within a twelve-hour period or may be subject to a fine of $15, but in no event shall these provisions relative to glass and cans be enforced until the Town of Amherst requires same.