The Town of Pelham

Chapter A201 - Special Acts

The following is a list of special acts applicable to the town.  Consult municipal records for a more detailed description of the action.  This list should not be considered to be a binding enumeration of all such acts.

Chapter/Acts of



An act authorizing the Towns of Amherst and Pelham to unite in employing a Superintendent of Schools (1901 ATM)


Making additional provision for the water supply needs of the MWD and for the communities which now and hereafter may require water therefrom (establishment of the Quabbin Reservoir)


Relative to additional water supply for the Amherst Water Company


Relative to the winding up and dissolution of certain churches and religious societies affected by the construction of reservoirs and other works in the Swift River Valley


Resolve providing for an unpaid commission established to consider the need of extending relief to towns due to loss of taxes because of Metropolitan Water System construction


An act authorizing the Town of Pelham to appropriate the balance remaining in the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Fund to create a Stabilization Fund