The Town of Pelham

Chapter A202 - Town Meeting Votes

The following is a chronological list of votes taken at Town Meeting relating to various subjects which are not in the nature of material which would be codified but which may be of interest to the town.  Consult municipal records for a more detailed description of the action.

Adoption Date Subject

1895 ATM

Library Trustees have power to elect a Treasurer from their own number

1895 ATM

Town Treasurer charge $2 for letting the Town Hall, except for literary and church purposes, and dancing prohibited

1896 ATM, Art. 9

Selectmen shall act as town agents

1900 ATM, Art. 9

Choose a Tree Warden for the term of 1 year

1901 ATM, Art. 6

Rescind the vote whereby the town increased the School Committee from 3 to 6 and to elect a committee of 3 members

1904 ATM, Art. 4

Assessors travel together in their duties as Assessors

1908 ATM, Art. 4

Elect 3 Assessors, to be chosen to serve 1, 2 and 3 years, respectively

1908 ATM, Art. 11

When the Town Treasurer receives $250, Knight’s Cemetery shall be accepted as town property

1913 STM, Art. 6

Accept the division of the town into voting precincts as prepared by the Selectmen

1914 ATM, Art. 5, Motion 2

Chair appoint a committee of 5 to act as a Finance Committee, such Committee to serve without pay of any kind

1914 ATM, Art. 17

Pay our town laborers by the hour

1915 ATM, Art. 16

Selectmen to see that the town reports be kept in a binder

1915 ATM, Art. 24

Establish an emergency fund in the hands of the Finance Committee

1916 Board of Selectmen meeting

All orders to be approved by the Chairman of the Selectmen, except the (2-12-1916) fees for the return of births, and that any bills or orders paid without such approval shall be at the expense of the person paying same and not at the expense of the town

1916 ATM, Art. 12

Revoke that part of the vote passed on March

1921 ATM, Art. 11

Accept the permanent care of the Arba Randall Cemetery, so-called, if endowed with a fund of $500

1921 ATM, Art. 13

Valuation list be printed annually

1922 ATM, Art. 17

Elect 3 Cemetery Commissioners for three-year overlapping terms

1928 ATM, Art. 13

Board of Selectmen appoint a Highway Surveyor, not a member of the Board of Selectmen, to have charge of roads under their supervision

1931 ATM, Art. 3

Board of Selectmen act as Board of Public Welfare (Welfare functions have subsequently been taken over by the state.)

1931 ATM, Art. 14

Establish Australian ballot system in voting for town offices; also rescinded the 1929 ATM, Art. 18, vote that nominations be made from the floor

1932 ATM, Art. 8

Elect 1 Selectman for 3 years, 1 for 2 years and 1 for 1 year, beginning in 1933, and thereafter to elect 1 each year for a term of 3 years

1934 STM, Art. 3

Recommend that all articles for annual town warrant be placed in the hands of the Town Clerk not later than January 5

1934 ATM, Art. 15

Have all roads kept open for travel in winter, where families live on such roads

1937 ATM, Art. 17

Elect a Moderator for the term of 1 year by official ballot

1947 Town Caucus

Nominate from the floor, and the two highest to have their names appear on the official ballot

1947 ATM, Art. 15

Future town meetings to be opened at 1:00 p.m.

1950 ATM, Art. 21

Persons digging up a highway for any purpose shall get permission from the Selectmen and pay the cost of having it restored

1951 ATM, Art. 10

Voted: “We keep our town by itself and do our own civilian defense.”

1952 ATM, Art. 23

Have town warrants posted at Wentworth filling station, Royal Grocery and Knight four corners, and a fourth at a suitable place

1953 ATM, Art. 14

Accept Arnold Cemetery as town property

1957 ATM, Art. 16

Elect a Board of Health other than the Selectmen, 1 to be elected for 1 year, 1 elected for 2 years and 1 elected for 3 years in 1958, and 1 elected for 3 years each year thereafter

1957 ATM, Art. 19

Abandon workmen’s compensation insurance and purchase same from an insurance company

1958 ATM, Art. 14

Instruct the Selectmen to petition the General Court for legislation authorizing the town to transfer the balance remaining in the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Fund into a Stabilization Fund, provided for by MGL c. 40, §5B

1958 ATM, Art. 15

Accept Pelham Hill Church as a town building

1958 ATM, Art. 18

Include school teachers in the coverage provided by workmen’s compensation insurance

1965 ATM, Art. 17

Make Pelham a one-precinct town

1966 STM, Art. 6

Authorize the Pelham Historical Society to have the use of the old Congregational Church as a museum

1967 ATM, Art. 11

Abolish the practice of electing constables and instead empower the Board of Selectmen to appoint as many as it deems necessary to serve for a term of 1 year

1967 ATM, Art. 14

Allow the Selectmen to pay the Road Superintendent for 8 holidays and 2 weeks’ vacation, after 30 weeks of employment

1967 ATM, Art. 20

Allow the Keeper of the Dog Pound to retain all fees

1968 ATM, Art. 13

Authorize the Pelham Historical Society to be the custodians of the Town Hall and Complex and to use it with the right to repair and restore the premises as conditions permit

1968 ATM, Art. 18

Adopt Official Map of the Town of Pelham as provided under MGL c. 41, s 81E

1968 ATM, Art. 20

Change the term of office from 1 to 3 years for the Town Clerk, the Treasurer and the Town Collector, starting with the election of 1969

1969 ATM, Art. 13

Accept the Pelham Valley Cemetery in its entirety

1970 ATM, Art. 26

Change the name under Art. 4 (budget category) 0405A of General Government from Assistant Treasurer to Secretary of Town Offices

1970 ATM, Art. 27

Accept road into Laurel Heights (Bray Court) as a public way

1972 STM, Art. 1

Voted to become a member of the Lower Pioneer Valley Regional Planning District

1972 ATM, Art. 18

Change the place of the posting of the town warrant from the nonexisting store to the bulletin board at the Selectmen’s office

1973 ATM, Art. 33

Change the date of the Annual Town Meeting from the first Saturday in March to the first Saturday in April

1974 STM, Art. 2

Accept deed to Quaker Cemetery

1975 STM, Art. 6

Accept Pine Tree Circle as a public way

1976 ATM, Art. 6

Accept Country Lane as a public way

1976 ATM, Art. 14

Accept all school bus shelters given to the town

1976 ATM, Art. 20

Direct the Historical Commission to enter agreement with Massachusetts Historical Commission to create preservation restrictions

1977 ATM, Art. 8

Hold ATM and elections on the first or second Saturday in May

1977 ATM, Art. 10

Open ATM at 10:00 a.m.

1979 ATM, Art. 12

Join Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

1979 ATM, Art. 19

Change term of Tree Warden from 1 to 3 years beginning with 1980 ATM

1980 STM, Art. 5

Authorize Finance Committee to provide sick leave for hourly employees of the Highway Department and town offices

1980 ATM, Art. 24

Authorize Treasurer to establish a sick leave fund according to terms of the program created by Selectmen

1981 ATM, Art. 14

Authorize Selectmen to set charge for street list not to exceed $2 per copy; free to departments and elected officials

1982 ATM, Art. 19

Require commercial spray companies to notify beekeepers in town at least 24 hours prior to spraying against gypsy moths

1984 STM, Art. 5

Amend the Official Town Map to reflect extension of Butter Hill Road by 366.71 feet

1985 ATM, Art. 17

Reduce the membership of the Conservation Commission from 7 to 5

1986 ATM, Art. 9

Authorize Treasurer to enter into compensating balance for fiscal year 1987

1986 ATM, Art. 19

Establish and appoint a Long-Range Planning Committee

1987 ATM, Art. 17

Moderator appoint a Regional School District Planning Committee

1988 ATM, Art. 17

Expend balance of Dog Fund for support elementary school library

1988 ATM, Art. 21

Adopt new fee schedule for Town Clerk to exceed in some cases the fees set by statute

1988 ATM, Art. 24

Abolish the position of Burial Agent since duties are carried out by Cemetery Commission

1990 Board of Selectmen meeting (4-3-1990)

Adopt year-round Leash Law

1990 ATM, Art. 21

Enter agreement with Eastern Hampshire Regional Refuse District as an associate town

1992 STM, Art. 5

Accept 2 permanent drainage easements at Amherst Road and Harris Brook to repair reservoir culvert

1993 ATM, Art. 6

Beginning fiscal year 1994, to enter compensating balance agreements not to exceed 3 years

1993 ATM, Art. 18

Petition the Legislature to allow Collector to be appointed, not elected (Gov. approv. 10-23-1993)

1993 ATM, Art. 19

Petition the Legislature to allow Treasurer to be appointed, not elected (Gov. approv. 10-23-1993)

1994 ATM, Art. 15

Approve $23,100 for Regional High School renovation expansion

1994 STM, Art. 7

Increase membership of the Library Trustees from 3 to 6

1996 ATM, Art. 7

Beginning fiscal year 1997, voted to enter compensating balance agreements not to exceed 3 years

1999 STM, Art. 1

Amend the charge of the Recreation Commission to include the Elementary School playground within the charge of assessing the recreational needs of the town