The Town of Pelham

Chapter 101 - Truancy

[HISTORY: Adopted by the Special Town Meeting of the Town of Pelham 1880. Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 101‑1. (Reserved)

§ 101‑2. Truant officers.

The School Committee shall appoint annually two or more truant officers whose duty it shall be to inquire into all violations of the truant laws and the law relating to compulsory education and to do all the acts required of them by the laws of the commonwealth.

§ 101‑3. Notification of truancy.

It shall be the duty of every such truant officer previous to making any complaint under the truancy laws to notify the truant or absentee from school and his parent or guardian of the offense committed and of the penalty thereof, and if such truant officer shall obtain satisfactory pledges for the restraint and reformation of the child, he may, under the direction of the School Committee, forebear to prosecute, so long as such pledges are faithfully kept.

§ 101‑4. Reports.

The truant officers shall keep a full record of their official acts and make an annual report thereof to the School Committee, which shall publish the same with its own reports.

[1] Editor's Note: Former § 101‑1, Commitment of truant to state school, amended 1894 ATM, Art. 10, was repealed 5‑6‑2000 ATM, Art. 22.