Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) administers a state/town-funded program under the state Community Preservation Act (CPA). The program is funded through an annual 3% surcharge on each property owner’s tax bill. The state annually matches, dollar for dollar, the funds collected by the town from the surcharge at a variable total percentage. The CPC is authorized to fund town-meeting-approved projects that meet town needs in the areas of Open Space and Recreation, Historic Preservation, and Community Housing. At least 10% of each year’s income from the combined town surcharge and state match must be reserved for each of the three authorized areas of town needs. CPC funds can accumulate and be spent over future years.

Emails can be sent to members whose names are highlighted by clicking on their names.

Board Members

Name Title
Cydnie Reiman Member, at-large elected 2025
James Lumley Member, at-large appointed
Richard Fanning Chair, Recreation Representative
Joseph Larson Historical Commission Representative
Judith Eiseman Planning Board Representative
Barbara Cooper Housing Committee Representative