Conservation Commission

The Pelham Conservation Commission, established in 1970 under the State’s Conservation Commission Act of 1957 (40 MGL 40 § 8C), serves as the principal conservation authority for Pelham. Our duties include open space protection and management, wetlands protection, monitoring forest cutting plans, and environmental education.

The Commission administers the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL 131 § 40), which governs all work (land alteration) in wetlands as defined by this law. In addition, the Commission administers the Town’s Wetland Bylaw (Chapter 119) enacted to further ensure that wetlands are protected from uses that could result in damage to wildlife habitat, water supplies, flood control, and other important values. The Commission also monitors Forest Cutting Plans approved by the Department of Conservation and Recreation under the Forest Cutting Practices Act (MGL 132 § 40-46).

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Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Dana MacDonald Member 2023
David Gross Member 2023
Richard Seelig Member 2022
Janice Gifford Member 2024
Tilman Lukas Member 2022