COA Outreach Worker and COA Meals on Wheels Driver/s

The Council on Aging is looking for a new Outreach Worker.  Please Contact Kathy Martell at 413-253-0512 if you are interested or know of someone that is interested in this position.  The job description is available upon request.  We are renewing our efforts to find someone, so please call even if you have called in the past. 

      The Council on Aging is also looking for a regular meals on wheels driver or meals on wheels drivers for Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

      1.Pickup of the Pelham cooler and list is from 10:30 am  to 11:15 am at the Amherst Senior Center

       2. Deliver the meals  (currently 8 stops in Pelham).  It is contactless delivery.  Bring food to the doorstep, knock on the door and step back.  Wait to make sure food is picked up by             person, and leave.

       3. After the stops are completed, the cooler needs to be returned to the Amherst Senior Center.

         Estimated time needed is 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

       If you are interested in helping out at least temporarily,  please contact Kathy Martell  at 413-253-0512.