Fuel Assistance

Here are some web links to get the basic info about the program:


Few key points:

1.  The program has a fairly high income limit.  A family of 4 making $66,115 or less annually is eligible; a family of two is eligible up to $44,958.

2.  Most renters are eligible for fuel assistance, even if the heat is included in the rent.  In that circumstance, the program pays a portion of the rent.

3.  There are many working families that don't apply because they assume they are not income eligible.  

Please do what you can to spread the word in your community that fuel assistance is open for applications!  In addition to the links above, there is a very helpful "Cold Relief" brochure that explains more about the program and where to apply.  However, the state has yet to post the FY 18 version.  However, the FY 17 brochure is on line, and is accurate/up-to-date except for the income-eligible numbers.  FY 2017 brochure here: http://www.mass.gov/hed/docs/dhcd/cd/cold/17coldreliefbrochure.pdf


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