2020 Cultural Council Grant Recipients


Racial Justice Rising

PROGRAM: $100 to support Monthly Racial Justice Program Series

Pelham Library

PROGRAM: $880 to support 2020 Summer Reading Program: Imagine Your Story

Michael Candito

PUBLIC ART PROJECT: $225 to support sticks&stones

Jay Mankita

WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE: $225 to support Chain Reactions and Creative Contraptions

Hilltown Families

PUBLICATION: $175 to support Hilltown Families Suggests

Gregory Chilenski

ART-MAKING WORKSHOP: $325 to support Orra Hitchcock Painted Pelham

Ezekiel Baskin

PROGRAM/PERFORMANCE: $150 to support Songs of Sea and Space Series

Da Camera Singers

PERFORMANCE: $150 to support: Come to the Woods!

Emma Ayres

PERFORMANCE: $500 to support The Water Project Folk Opera

Hampshire Young People's Chorus

EDUCATION/PERFORMANCE: $425 to support: 2020 Choir Tuition Scholarship

Ko Theater Works, Inc.

PERFORMANCE: $200 to support: Clear Creek Collective at the Ko Festival

Dorothy Cresswell / Helen Fortier

PROGRAM: $200 to support Songs of Solidarity and Empowerment for Difficult Times

Pelham School

EDUCATION/PERFORMANCE: $770 to support Pelham School Field Trip to the UMASS Fine Arts Center’s GuGu Drum Group from Shanghai

Roger Tincknell

PERFORMANCE: $300 to support Under One Sky: Community Music Concert

Amherst Survival Center

PERFORMANCE: $300 to support the Amherst Survival Center’s [email protected] program

Pelham Players

PERFORMANCE: $500 to support the Pelham Players’ 2020 Program