Capital Planning Committee

From the Code of Pelham, ss.12-2. Powers & Duties:

The Committee shall study proposed capital projects and improvements involving major nonrecurring tangible assets and projects which:

1.) Are purchased or undertaken at intervals of not less than five years;

2.) Have a useful life of at least five years; and

3.) Cost over $10,000

All Officers, boards and committees, including the Selectmen and School Committee, shall, by January 1 of the year, give to the Committee information concerning all anticipated projects requiring Town Meeting action. The Committee shall consider the relative need, impact, timing and cost of these expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the town. No appropriation shall be voted for a capital improvement requested by a department, board or commission unless the proposed capital improvement is considered in the Committee's report, or the Committee shall first have submitted a report to the Board of Selectmen explaining the omission.

This Committee meets as needed; one to two times per year.


Board Members

Name Title
John Trickey Chair, Finance Committee
Gary Thomann Chief of Police
Raymond A. Murphy Jr. Fire Department Administrator
Richard Adamcek Highway Superintendent
Sarah Hall Chair, School Committee
Judith Eiseman Chair, Planning Board
Robert Agoglia Chair, Select Board