FY2021 Budgeting Schedule

The budgeting process for the coming 2021 fiscal year began in November 2019 and will end with the Town meeting vote on Saturday May 9, 2020.

The following is an outline of the schedule that will be followed:

 November 2019: Meeting of representatives of the Regional Schools four towns and the Region’s Capital Planning Group to review the progress on the current approved plans and hear about 2021 plans. The long range ten year plan was briefly mentioned.

December 2019: A meeting again of representatives from the Region’s four towns will meet to hear the preliminary budget numbers from the Region’s officials and provide feedback on what the towns feel they can afford. The Finance Committee will meet and develop the guidelines for the all the Pelham Town departments, boards and commissions to help them develop their budgets.

January 2020: Early in January there will be the annual Roundtable at which all the Town departments, boards and commissions will gather to discuss the guidelines presented by the Finance Committee and also advise of any special requests for money that they might have.

February 2020: The Finance Committee will hold public budget hearings with all organizations that will be requesting additional funding during 2021 except for the schools.

March 2020: During the first full week of March the Finance Committee will hold the budget hearing for the schools. They also will complete and approve the recommended operating budget (Article 4 in the Town Warrant) and submit it to the Pelham Select Board by the required time. The Finance Committee will review and comment if necessary on all warrants that are finance related.

April 2020: The Finance Committee will meet with the Select Board and review the operating budget and all warrants that relate to finances. They also will attend the meeting with the Town Moderator to prepare for the May Town Meeting

May 2020: The Finance Committee will attend the May 9, 2020 Annual Town meeting to present the operating budget and answer fiscal questions during the meeting.