The “city” name(s) used by the USPS to identify a specific ZIP Code or Post Office may not be the name that residents serviced by the Post Office consider themselves to reside in. The Census Bureau recognizes that the Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located. The Census Bureau uses the physical location of a housing unit to assign it to the correct legal geographic areas

If residents have questions, you can direct them to this webpage which explains how an address is counted for the 2020 Census:   https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/geography/guidance/geo-areas/usp...

Dear Pelham Friends,

In light of the Governor’s declared State of Emergency in the Commonwealth and the recent guidance from the Regional Public School Superintendent, we are cancelling the 2020 US Census Forum that was scheduled for next Thursday, March 19th at the Pelham Elementary School.

Although we won’t be able to share information and respond to your questions in person, we would like to encourage you to listen to these short videos for more specifics on who to count and how to complete the Census Questionnaire.

·      This short video explains the US Census process and how the data affects funding for our community over the next 10 years.

·      This six-minute video walks you through detailed instructions on how to complete the 2020 US Census questionnaire.

·      As a family you can watch the Sesame Street video with your children.

Here are a few reminders:

Undercounting Pelham residents today will affect our community for 10 years. 

Your census data is SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Census data directly affect how more than $16 billion in funding are distributed throughout the state of Massachusetts for education, neighborhood improvements, public health, transportation, and more.

Census is also used to apportion seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and to redistrict state legislatures.

Census data are used to define legislative districts, school district assignment areas and other important functional areas of government.

Starting April 1, on Fridays and Saturdays from 10-12 pm you’ll be able to use the Library computers to complete the census questionnaire online. Staff and volunteers will be available to assist you.

Attached you'll also find a helpful review of the US Census process, a picture of the envelope the census will arrive in, and a sample of the census questionnaire for your reference. 

Help us ensure that every Pelham resident is counted. Our community depends on it.

Co-sponsors for the 2020 US Census Form:

Lisa Desjalais, Pelham Elementary School Principal

Jodi Levine, Pelham Library

Kathy Martell, Chair of the Council on Aging

Bob Agoglia and Karen Ribeiro, Pelham Select Board