Planning Board

The vision is to make Pelham more unified, livable, and sustainable with more options to allow for denser development in the area of town where sewer and public water supply is now available and eventually most likely to be expanded.

The Village Center bylaw passed at the 2018 Annual Town Meeting appears under the Zoning section in the Code of Pelham (Chapter 125-8.2 through Chapter 125-11). Please note the 2018 Fall Town Meeting amended Zoning and the 2019 Annual Town Meeting amended Zoning articles will be added soon to the current Zoning bylaw.                                                                                                                    *PDF of CURRENT Zoning Bylaw here, pending revision of this website.

Emails can be sent to members whose names are highlighted by clicking on their names.

Board Members

Name Title
Judith Eiseman Chair 2021
Peter Wilson Member 2024
Alexandra Dewey Member 2023
Leslie Laurie Member 2021
Linda Spink Member 2020
Anne Stoddard Assistant