Select Board

The Select Board has six specific areas of authority; the power to prepare the town meeting warrant and call town meetings; the power to make appointments to town boards and offices; the power to employ Town Counsel; the power to employ professional administrative staff; the power to sign warrants for the payment of all town bills; the authority to grant licenses and permits.


The members of the Select Board are elected by majority vote of the residents of Pelham to maintain and enhance the citizens' quality of life. To carry out this task, the Board administers the business and finances of the Town, as well as provides leadership and direction to all Town Departments, Boards and Committees in compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations. The Board is committed to creating a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory work environment for all Town employees, as well as encouraging staff in reaching career and personal potential


Citizens of Pelham are proud of the fact that their town was founded in 1743, making it the first incorporated town between Worcester and the Connecticut River Valley towns. Pelham consists of almost twenty-five square miles of woods, streams, hills and grasslands, making it an ideal place to live and raise a family.

As a result of this historical and environmental heritage, Pelham is committed to continuing to provide its citizens with ecologically sound policies, a fine school system and a safe place to live. Pelham is administered through a participative Town Meeting form of government led by an elected Select Board, whose members are committed to maintaining a high quality of life provided by, but not limited to, Public Safety (Fire, Police, Medical Response), Public Works, School System, Library and all Town Boards and Committees.

Pelham welcomes and encourages both new and long-time residents to play an active part in Town government and in the various committees that provide the energy to move the town continuously forward.

Mission and Vision statements created by the Select Board and adopted on September 13, 2004.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Susannah Carey Select Board Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Agoglia Chair 2021
Tara Loomis Vice-Chair 2023
David Shanabrook Clerk 2022