Read below for information about Grants Pelham has recently received:

Cybersecurity Awareness Grant - October 2019

Town employees have option to participate in end-user training, assessments, assignments, and threat simulations including Phishing ultimately creating a more secure Commonwealth.

Green Communities Division Grant - September 2019

Award: $170,000.00

From the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to fund the upgrade from Oil Fueled Burner to Variable Refrigerant Flow System in the Community Building.

Green Communities Division Grant  - July 2018

Award for $31,059.00 through the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to fund lighting upgrades in the Rhodes Building, Highway Department, and Community Building. 

For more information related to the Green Communities Grant, please Click Here

MVP Action Grant - June 2018

Award: $137,250.00

Maybe you've heard that we won a grant to help make Pelham more resilient in the face of climate change? There are three parts to this - Resilient Roads, Resilient Campus and Resilient Communications. This last one, improving communications in Pelham, is ready for engagement! We have a great task force and just rebranded to Connect Pelham - Building Our Community Together. Members include: Abbie Jenks, Wendi Weinberg, Vincent Frano, Lee Halasz and Karen Ribeiro. If you want to share ideas you have and join us, please click on the contact link on this page.

We have hosted a number of events in 2019 including a Town Wide Potluck February 8th at the Pelham Library and a tag/bake sale at the Library & School in May. There was a lot planned for 2019 and look forward to hosting informal community conversations.

  • We are also compiling a list of skills and tools - any resource that might be needed especially in an emergency. 

Please take our new survey if you live in Pelham, MA or have children at Pelham Elementary or are a regular visitor to the Pelham Library.

Connect Pelham Objectives:

  • To keep building our community together 
  • To dramatically increase community engagement through communications infrastructure
  • To get people signed up for alerts *(possibly research phone options) with three options: (1) crisis only (Code Red), (2) crisis and select board/meeting agendas and/or minutes, and (3) crisis and town wide events [Ideally with the functionality to edit their alerts]
  • To discuss how we could build a responsive phone tree whereby neighborhoods have buddies who call 2-3 people, who call 2-3 people, etc. during emergencies
  • To utilize inclusive language when promoting events and casting the widest net in our community

One new way to stay connected is the new Community Board: - similar to Next Door Pelham without any advertisements.

Given the above, we would love input you may have. If you want to get involved, please click on the contact link on this page and we'll be in touch.


Are you aware of other grants we might want to apply for? If so, please contact the Selectboard Administrative Assistant, or (413) 253-7129.

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