Dog Licenses

Please be aware...

  • Dog Licenses are not valid without a current Rabies Vaccination
  • 2017 License Fees  increased by a vote of town meeting
  • Spay or neuter certificate is required for reduced rate
  • Kennel licenses must be done in person
  • Dog Licenses are valid from April 1st to the following March 31st.  They do not follow the calendar nor do they follow the fiscal year.   

Late Fees - now in effect and $50.00 will be added to the fee listed below

License Fees...

  • Intact Male or Female $10.00
  • Neutered Male or Spayed Female $6.00
  • Kennel Licenses 4 dogs or less $20.00
  • Kennel Licenses for 5 -10 dogs $50.00
  • Kennel Licenses 11 dogs or more $75.00

Obtain Dog License via mail...

  1. If current rabies certificate is on file then no need to include with mailing, if not then please include a copy of the valid current rabies certificate. You can also have your Vet fax it to 413-256-1061 or mail a copy of rabies certificate.
  2. Include the spay or neuter certificate
  3. Include appropriate fee(s) and make check payable to Town of Pelham. 
  4. Send a $ .70 SASE a self-addressed, stamped envelope for one dog tag. If you have multiple dog tags make sure to include additional postage. The extra postage is required for mailing since this mail does not go through the postal machines and need to be handled cancelled separately. 
  5. Mail to:
    Town Clerk
    351 Amherst Road
    Pelham, MA 01002.

No longer have a dog... 

To assist with town record keeping please let the Town Clerk know if you no longer have one of your previously owned/licensed dogs.